First Approach Representatives: Direct Sales, Lead Generation

Outsourcing Sales

The main reason why companies outsource is to provide equivalent or better services at lower direct costs than in-house approaches. This principle holds true for sales where there is a requirement to complement the in-house team.

Freeing your sales team from low-value activities is a significant reduction in hidden costs.

Consultants continue to advise companies to outsource everything but an essential core of high-value activities. When taking into consideration sales as an outsourced portion of your business, bear in mind the value that your in-house sales people offer. It may be key customer relationships, or experience and knowledge.

Allow your in-house sales people to build on their strengths. Save their low value portion of sales efforts to be outsourced.


Sales leads from advertising, trade shows and Web sites include real, near-term revenue opportunities. But the ratio of qualified leads to long-term or low-value leads can be too poor to justify sales attention.

Outsourcing sales to a company equipped to follow up every lead, will keep the leads hot and will keep your Sales team's pipeline full.


First Approach Representatives uses proven sales processes, making for new business ventures an easy transition to benefit our clients.

Outsourcing lets companies concentrate on activities where they add the most value, and adapt quickly to new opportunities in their markets. If the opportunity presents itself to change direction, such as opening a new vertical market, targeting a hard to reach market, or launching a new service or product, your business can scale up and deploy its efforts faster with a sales partner than it could alone.

Don't disrupt your ongoing business. Consider outsourcing sales the next time your company wishes to launch an experimental or pilot program.


Direct sales costs rise fast in geographic markets where customers are scattered over a wide area.

Outsourced programs improve sales coverage. More leads are qualified, and more geographic regions or channels are covered in greater depth.


Outsourcing sales presents a low-cost approach to grow to meet opportunities or mergers, or shrink when the market turns down. If the sales people outlive their usefulness, they are much easier to cancel.

Consider the cost of the alternative to outsourcing sales. Employees need to be recruited, trained, managed and equipped - and turnover may be high. Don't overlook the cost of unproductive time.

Outsourcing provides a flexible low cost solution to building your business, and is driven to provide results.


An experienced sales specialist lives in the market, knowing their surroundings and maximizes their efficiency with confidence and determination.